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Women In Tech

It is well known that men dominate the tech industry. At this point in time, women only make up 25% of the industry. Additionally, that 25% lacks diversity in race and upbringing. While STEM has been one of the fastest growing sectors of employment, the amount of women working within technology is limited. This gap is not reflective of the general job market, and needs to change!

The Representation Gap

Representation means a lot to all individuals. We each value seeing ourselves represented in some capacity. Whether that be the workplace, television, or advertisements, we all was to feel like we are accurately represented. Due to the lack of women in the field, mentorship becomes intimidating experience. According to a report from TestRadius, there is an unconscious gender bias within the field, and this leaves women feeling as though they have to make their own path. Around ¾ of women report that they are outnumbered by men, in every meeting. In fact they feel as though there are twice the amount as men. However the other ¼ felt as though there were 5x the amount of men in their workplace. This has led to feelings of a ‘bro culture’.

Women feel underrepresented in the field, and feel as though they need to work twice as hard to prove their worth. The gender bias makes it harder for women to get promoted, and leads to a lack of representation. Without representation, many women can’t see a path forward in tech.

The Founder Gap

Many start-ups in recent years have been based in technology. The advancements in the industry are seen through startups, and the founders that bring it to market. With that said, there is a large gap in women being founders. Only ¼ of startups have a female founder and not even half of startups have a woman on the board of directors. Additionally, it has been found that women have a more difficult time obtaining funding for their startups.

Being a founder of a startup is already a challenging time, and it is seen that women have a difficult time being a founder due to the difficulty in funding and lack of women on executive teams.

The Pay Gap

Underrepresented is not the only way that women in tech can be described. Not only are they underrepresented, they are underpaid.The average salary of a woman in tech is over $15,000 dollars less, even with the same credentials as a male counterpart. This is widely known, and has highly discouraged women from entering the tech industry. Compensation for work is important because it is reflective of value.

Vog Closing the Gap

Vog has many women as part of the Vog team. Vince O’Gorman believes that it’s important to have women in tech. Not only are they able to see different things than their male counterparts, they balance a team of all men in a way that creates efficiency.

You can check out the diverse team at Vog here. Women are just as powerful as men in tech, and they need to be recognized. If you are looking for a tech job, keep a look out for Vog’s job offerings, or reach out!