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Why Every Business Misses Out Without An App

The biggest concerns most businesses have is that they can’t afford an app or they don’t believe it offers any sort of value compared to a mobile responsive site. Although having a website is great, there is so much missed potential by not having an app. Check out a few of our thoughts as told by a Toronto App Developer:

As North Americans, we have an impulse to constantly be checking our phones, surfing the web, and downloading the next greatest app. In fact over 75% of the population checks their phone at least once an hour. These people are your potential customers. You may have a responsive website that looks slick on a phone but is that enough? What are you missing out on that a mobile app could provide? Check out a few general reasons for any business to get a mobile app as told by a Toronto App Developer.

Dedicated Communication

Although a website is incredibly important, a website is not something a user downloads and keeps on their phone. Enter the app! With an app you have an exclusive channel to communicate directly to your current and potential customers. You can share news, push promotions, and offer discounts shared straight to your customer’s phones. We have seen this type of advertising really pay off when done correctly as it offers an intimate and personal way to connect with your customers and engages your business.

Custom Features

What can’t you do with an app these days? Sky’s the limit when it comes to creating custom features that will give a benefit far beyond a simple responsive website. If you own a restaurant, why not GPS track their orders and deliveries? If you own a clothing store why not offer exclusive in app discounts? The possibilities for app features are endless and all of them can point your users to your store while still offering them something in return.


Coca Cola is extremely good at doing this. They put their logo on EVERYTHING. Websites, billboards, bus ads, commercials, banner ads, you name it! Adding a mobile app brings your growing business one more avenue of discovery. If your customer’s first experience of you comes from searching the app store, then make yourself visible and make the experience a good one.

Stand Out

Does your competition have an app? It might be worth doing some research no matter what sort of business you are. Having an app will either keep you current with your competition or give a competitive edge over them. With an app you have the opportunity to listen to feedback, interact with customers, and give them an experience that will get them taking to their friends and family.


As a Toronto App Development team, we have seen the success first hand of what an app can do for business. If you’re interested in chatting more about your app idea, visit the Contact section of the site. Our team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!