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Welcome to Vog Toronto App Developers

Hello Toronto! We could not be happier to finally make a push into Eastern Canada. Check out our official introduction here:

We are super excited to be here (finally). You are our first city we have chosen to expand towards the east end of Canada! Our hard work and research has shown that when it comes to mobile development, nobody is more interested in app development than Toronto. That’s why we created Vog Toronto App Developers.

Toronto has always been seen by the rest of Canada as a booming tech city. In fact, stats show that the number of searches in Toronto for Toronto App Developer’s is one of the highest in all of Canada, even tripling Calgary Alberta where our head office is located. We know all about you Toronto, so here’s a little about us…

Here’s a Little About Us

Vog App Developers was started in 2012 by Vince O’Gorman with a few simple changes in mind. There were far too many “app developers” who were not actually app developers. We wanted to bring a fresh approach to app development with a local, well educated team of developers. Our business originated in Calgary Alberta but our team has grown to accommodate nationwide app development with the goal of bringing a professional and local feel to your next project.

“Developing an app should always be about the experience, and a great design coupled with a solid innovation will go a long way in making your users experience positive, as well as your own”

— Vince O’Gorman

The Vog Difference

At Vog we believe that good app development is all about the experience. Our Toronto App Development team has worked to perfect a process that gives the most transparent, fair and quickest completion time for any app development projects you are looking to start. When you partner with Vog for your app development project, you partner with a local team of local developers, this ensures your app’s end goal is never lost overseas. We also don’t believe in over quoting to make a quick buck. We always provide our clients with clearly laid out estimates that bring complete transparency regarding the stages of your app, the work involved, and all fees you will need to know.


Hopefully this introduction has given you a bit of insight into who we are and what we are about. If you are interested in hearing from us about how we can turn your app idea into a reality, then please visit the Contact section of our website. Toronto has always been seen as a huge central tech city in all of Canada, so we look forward to hearing your ideas, and what the future will hold!