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Wearable Technology!

We live in a world where technology is constantly changing and growing. Wearable technology has increased and has had an increased in adoption. It is declared to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and will continue as such. This is heavily due to the fact the new technologies are entering the market. 

We all love technology. Whether it be for convenience, communication, or entertainment, most of us have integrated technology into our day to day lives. This was seen with the smartphone, with wrist trackers, and we can be certain that the next generation will embrace it further.

We are all familiar with the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other devices of a similar nature. However, this technology is still relatively new. As this market continues to grow, we can’t help but ask ‘what’s next?’


Smart glasses are very new to the market. Despite them being new, they have had no issues finding investment.

We have all been in a situation saying ‘I wish I got that on camera.’ With smart glasses, you can. These glasses have the ability to snap all you see. They connect to your phone via an application and bluetooth. Whatever you see can be snapped into a photo.

While this product has not seen barriers in terms of investments, they have seen barriers in terms of privacy and security. Having the ability to snap anything you see can breach the privacy of others. With that being said, smart glasses could be anything. It is predicted that the glasses will eventually act as a smartphone.


Smart clothes will be an interesting innovation, but some question its ability to succeed. In theory, smart clothes have the potential to make differences in terms of safety. 

Currently, there is one smart article of clothing being developed. This product is a swimsuit that connects to your phone. It has the ability to read the UV rating, and notify you when it is high, if you need to reapply sunscreen, or if it is time to go indoors.

This is only the beginning of smart clothing, but it needs to see acceptance before it can grow.

Wearable technology isn’t reducing the need for applications, but increasing the need for applications. Here at Vog, we get excited about innovation and are excited to see where wearable technology will go.

If you are looking to have an application developed, consider Vog App Developers. We have clients in Calgary, Toronto, and across North America, and want to help you next. Reach out for a consultation today!