History of Mobile Apps

Between waking up and now, you’ve likely used a dozen mobile apps. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our day to day lives. We communicate with our loved ones, do work, check social media and check the weather at the touch of a finger. The world wasn’t always dependent on mobile apps. It wasn’t until 1997 when the first app was released. Nokia 6110 had a built in version of the popular arcade game ‘Snake.’ That was the beginning of our dependency on applications and since then, mobile applications have become increasingly important. This is the history of mobile apps!

In 1983, Steve Jobs imagined the first ever app store. It wasn’t until 2007 that his vision came true. The first ever app store had 500 apps. Shortly after Apple released the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Blackberry’s App World were released. While the App Store was intended to be a competitive advantage, other tech companies integrated it in their technology to remain competitive with Apple. While we look at  app stores as a standard, it used to be a commodity and something of imagination.

When mobile apps first became available, they had a heavy focus on games and entertainment. Angry Birds is one of the most noteworthy apps. Within 6 years, the app had been downloaded 3 billion times. Mobile apps became the main focus in the world of technology. In 2010, the word ‘App’ was declared word of the year. Everyone was talking about mobile applications. That same year, Apple even revealed that since the App Store had been released 3 years ago, the American economy had 300,000 new jobs. The employment gain shed positive light on mobile apps.

In 2014 the mobile app world saw a transition from games and entertainment apps to an increased adoption of lifestyle and social media apps. Snapchat reported that 7 million photos were being shared every day. Not only has Snapchat remained one of the most popular forms of social media, it has allowed individuals to build connections through photos.  This same principle is why Instagram is successful. Social media is an easy way to build relationships and have immediate responses. Social media has its advantages for both personal and professional uses. In 2014, people began to realize that mobile apps can be used with purpose opposed to purely entertainment. This is why we can now check the financial markets, check the weather, and pay our credit cards through an app.

Apps aren’t going anywhere. They have become an essential part to the functionality of technology, and they will continue to be made. Be a part of the history of mobile apps.

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How COVID-19 Impacts Businesses

The COVID-19 impacts have been vast. The pandemic has impacts on businesses all around us. COVID-19 not only impacted our personal lives, it impacted the trajectory technology. The pressure for businesses to adapt became increasingly important. Not only did businesses adapt, they grew and changed through the pandemic, and that is heavily associated with their ability to integrate technology into their operations. Businesses were forced to adapt in two different ways; working from home, and reaching customers. Some companies were able to adjust quickly, while others struggled to gain traction.

Covid-19 had impacted us in our work environment. Working from home has been a new and eye opening experience for many businesses. Many individuals find that they are more efficient and productive at home. They appreciate the freedom and the ability to choose the best working environment for themselves. However, we see the exact opposite in some individuals. They miss the office space and the community. While some people can make working at home a success story, others have had an unpleasant experience. Regardless of your opinion on telecommuting, your valuation of technology has grown exponentially in the last year. Social media continue to grow as the social distancing measures stay in place. We realize more than ever, that we truly cannot live without technology.

COVID-19 has also impacted the ability to reach customers. It is well known that developing an app, and marketing it requires capital. While many large companies can afford to do this, many small companies have struggled to stay afloat. Smaller companies often don’t have access to the resources required for app development. However, app development isn’t the only way forward. Social media is one of the most affordable ways to reach customers. Not only has instagram become a place to advertise your business and reach customers, Tik Tok has supported small businesses throughout the pandemic. Small video clips are used to engage with customers and promote small businesses. Social media has taken small businesses to a new level. They are able to reach a larger audience and increase sales through a financially difficult time. 

There have been many impacts due to COVID-19. Not only do many of us work from home, many of us have increased our dependency on technology. Many businesses have been able to grow and develop through technology. Larger businesses have been able to develop applications and increase their presence through software development. This requires a larger investment, and small businesses have adapted in other ways. Using pre-existing apps like Instagram and Tik Tok have allowed small businesses to reach a larger audience and sell their products. These applications are free to use and allow small businesses to market to an audience in an affordable way.

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Is a Development Agency for You?

When looking long term, digital transformation forces businesses to ask if a development agency is for them. With digital transformation, companies strive to provide a better customer experience and improve processes with mobile apps and software programs. Whether you’d like to realize your startup dream or to improve your existing business process, you have made the decision to develop an app, but who is going to build it? 

You have 3 options: develop the app in-house, hire a freelancer, or find a development agency.

In this article, we will explore these 3 options and more specifically, reasons why you might choose a development agency over in-house development or a freelancer.

In-house vs Oursource

With in-house development, you have full control over your development project. Your internal team will also have a deeper understanding of the company and be able to communicate more effectively with internal stakeholders. However, developing in-house can be extremely costly as this requires you to hire and train a team of developers. This will include finding senior level experts that are versed in sourcing and hiring tech talent and building high functioning teams.  It can also come with more risk, particularly if your company is not experienced in software development.  

By outsourcing, you avoid the hassle of hiring, forming and managing a team, and instead can partner with an agency with extensive experience. This can often be much more cost-effective, as the agency will likely be working on multiple projects. This is a huge benefit as you get all of the expertise and access to significant resources for far less than hiring internally, but it can mean that you aren’t the agency’s only priority. The biggest challenge of outsourcing is often communication and understanding of the business compared to developing in-house. This can be prevented by hiring a Canadian App Developer, which allows you to form a better collaborative relationship. In addition, to ensure that your vision of the app does not get lost, find a team that takes time to understand your business. 

Development Agency vs Freelancer

The biggest and probably the only reason why you’d consider hiring a freelancer is to lower cost. Without a doubt, a freelancer is cheaper than a development agency, but often for a reason. When hiring a freelancer, you are required to take a more active role to manage the process as compared to a development agency, which usually provides project management services. 

When hiring a development agency, you get a group of experienced developers with diverse experience and expertise. By looking at their portfolio, you can find agencies with experience completing projects similar to what you’d like to develop, which is a good indicator that the agency has the talent and capacity to achieve your vision of the app. Additionally, you will be able to receive full-cycle services including support on planning, design, development and post development, and hence, making it a much better option if you are not experienced with app development and like to have the entire process taken care of. 


All things considered, an app development agency is your best bet if you’re looking to develop a quality app with a deadline and budget. By working with an agency, you immediately get yourself a well-established team of developers and a potential future partner for any app updates. 

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We Are Open: Coronavirus Update

Vog App Developers is OPEN for business. We are currently taking new projects and continuing to support our clients’ businesses. We are grateful for your continued support and committed to meeting our responsibility to you and our team. Thankfully, as a software development company, we can operate from an office or remotely which allows our team to continue working effectively.

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