Vog and Vouched

As technological capabilities increase, it has become important for verification processes to exist. Technology is advancing rapidly and it has been catalyzed by the pandemic. Financial and medical services have been finding greater presence in the technological industry. This means that everyone is sharing more information than ever before. This is why the Vog and Vouched partnership is so important.

The CEO’s of Vouched and Vog App Developers truly understand the importance of verification, and the synergies that exist between the two companies. Through the pandemic, Vince O’Gorman and John Baird worked together to see what the partnership looked like, and how the vision could become the present.

Who is Vouched?

Vouched is a verification software that can help businesses build trust instantly. With an office in Seattle, Vouched can reach a vast majority of the market. It uses instant visual ID via selfies and scanning.

The biggest priority that Vouched has is to bring high quality integration at an affordable price. This ensures that every client can have the most trust built in the shortest amount of time. Vouched is made to integrate quickly and efficiently. WIth ample opportunity to grow, Vouched can be used for any business. Their value added is exponential, and we are so excited to work with them.

Who is Vog

Vog is us. For the reader that doesn’t know as much about Vog, we were founded in 2012. Our main office is located in Calgary, Alberta, and we have seen great growth over the last couple years. We pride ourselves in the ability to build more than apps, but help build businesses. We offer high quality development at an affordable cost and are always transparent with our pricing. Vog has placed themselves in the competitive landscape, and continues to serve the market effectively.

Vog ensures quality and delivers the future today!

Coming Together

Vog and Vouched met through a mutual client. After the initial meetings, John and Vince saw potential that spanned beyond the project. Validating identification will soon be mandatory, and both companies understand this. Since both companies are also industry leaders, it seemed logical to move forward together.

Vog often sees clients that need verification services, and due to the fact that we have served in the mHealth and financial industries, it has become an increadly high demand. Vouched goes above and beyond to ensure that verification services are seamless, and this is something we wanted to provide to our clients.

Both Vog and Vouched believe in propelling businesses forward, and that begins with great prices and high quality. Together, Vog and Vouched can provide more to the industry.

The Future

As the world recovers and adopts COVID-19 into the new ‘normal’, the tech industry needs to respond appropriately. Now that people have the capacity and opportunity to do more from the comforts of their homes, verification can be integrated more. Not only will it strengthen security, and increase trust, it will also ensure everything is streamlined. The future is digital, so its time to get on board.

This is why Vog and Vouched partnering is a crucial step to becoming the key leaders in the industry. John Baird said “The future is digital, remote and decentralized.” The partnership between Vog and Vouched promotes this.

We look forward to expanding upon this relationship in the years to come. Together, we hope to increase the presence of Vouched services in the Canadian market.

If you want to learn more about Vouched, visit their website.

Here at Vog, we want the best for the technological industry. That starts with recognizing potential, and going from there. If you want to learn more about what we can do to help you, reach out.