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Using Mobile Payments in Your App

When you integrate payment options into your business app, you are ensuring security and trust for your clients. Including rewards and loyalty programs are an essential addition for today’s business apps. Read on for the best way your local Toronto App Developer can make your app safe and secure for mobile payments.

Can Mobile Payments Be Secure?

More and more consumers are using their smartphones for payments within apps these days, in fact, “Global technology intelligence firm International Data Corp (IDC) predicts worldwide consumer mobile payments will annually account for nearly $4 trillion in transactions by 2020.” Companies like Starbucks, for example, already incorporate a payment system within their app, and it seems like a great idea. Customers can either enter a credit card or they can use a prepaid card they purchase at the franchise. Using these payment methods can create a level of trust and security for your consumers. Most people have a password protecting their phones, which pretty much ensures privacy, and usually payment data is not stored on your mobile device after completing a purchase.  This combination, among other technological security measures and creative app development, creates a secure environment to put customers minds at ease when using a mobile payment feature within Toronto apps.

Keep payments secure

Why Use Mobile Payments?

Having the freedom of leaving your wallet at home, can be very liberating. Using your smart phone for payments at local restaurants, for groceries, train fare or even for parking (and we know how frustrating parking can be in Toronto!) makes it easy for your consumers to effortlessly use your services, and also to keep them coming back. With the addition of loyalty and rewards programs, the benefits of using mobile payment solutions are endless. You can rely on paying in local currency, and switch from one payment method to another as you see fit.

Canadian Currency

Creating An App of Convenience

When thinking about app development, make sure you put mobile payment options at the top of your list. Tap and pay options are already popping up more frequently and consumers are relying on their mobile devices to purchase items either online or through apps. Using a creative Toronto app developer to create something that works best for your business will keep you ahead of the game, and easily ahead of your competitors. Imagine not having to stop at the bank to get cash out, or having to make change for a specific amount, when you can offer mobile payment solutions? If you’d like to talk to a highly skilled Toronto app development team, contact us today to talk about your app ideas, we would love to hear from you.