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The Do’s and Don’ts of In App Purchases

These days it seems in app purchases are the way to go when it comes to monetizing your app. This is particularly true in games but there can be ways to for practical apps to have in app purchases as well! Check out the best practices for IAP’s (in app purchases) as told by a Toronto App Developer.

Monetization can be a tricky business. If you’re partnered with a good Toronto App Developer, you should be able to explore many ways of monetizing your app. So what’s the right way? Well, one method that’s been extremely successful has been in app purchases. In app purchases allow a user to purchase some sort of addition to the app that will change the users experience for the better. This method is mostly for games however it does have its practical benefits as well. Here are a few secrets you can make money through IAP’s as told by a Toronto App Development team.

Make It Worthwhile

People will never purchase something unless they see a need for it. So in your app, discover things that your customers may want, need, or that will give them a fresh experience that would justify paying a bit of money. Games today offer levels, weapons, lives, or more for in app purchases, while some practical apps offer app theme changes, bonus resources, or other practical needs for a fee. The bottom line is to make sure that you find what it is about your app customers may not mind paying a bit more for, otherwise you could receive very negative backlash.

Try Before You Buy

Get your users hooked! A game I play offers coins that provide hints to the puzzles I’m trying to solve. Although I can still earn coins through hard work, I now know how easy it is to use these coins and have purchased coin packs for hints on more than one occasion. The reason this works so well is it gives your users an idea of how useful some of these in app purchases could be, and eventually leads a user to making a purchase. This is also of no cost to you, since everything is digital, it’s of no consequence to you to give free stuff to your users.

The Right Purchase for the Right Price

As the owner of the app, you have a say in however you want to offer in app purchases. Sometimes it’s easier and far better value to the user to offer sales, discounts, or bundles at different times of the year. Bundling everything together provides far more value to a user and justifies a purchase if they were already on the fence about purchasing. Another important point is timing. Lately, Toronto App Developers have gotten smarter at placing their in app purchase menu when a user runs out of lives, is about to face a difficult enemy, is stuck on answer, or  has completed everything there is to do. There’s practically limitless ways to offer in app purchases that you can choose to appear at the most opportune moments.


As a Toronto App Development team we always try to stay on what’s new and what the competition is doing. When researching for your app, we also encourage our clients to do the same. What are they doing? How have they monetized their app? Is it successful? If you’re interested in chatting with us about making an app of your own, our Toronto App Development team would love to chat with you. Visit the Contact section of our website and we will be in touch soon. We would love to have the opportunity to turn your app idea into a reality.