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The Beginner’s Guide to Making an App Idea

Everyone wants to make an app, and almost everyone seems to have an idea. So what if you don’t have an idea? There are a few simple steps you can take to rethink having an app idea beyond simply “making an app.” Check out our guide here:

The biggest problem people see is that the app market is it’s so saturated, it’s incredibly difficult to have an original idea that will pan out. It’s a positive sign that so many people have pushed their apps to the store and seen success, so how do you stand out through an original idea people will want? Here are a few thoughts.

Problem Solving

The first and most important point to make is to keep some sort of problem in mind and solve it. Too often people make apps just for the sake of having an app, and this can be what clutters up the app stores with so many useless apps. Consider Snapchat, it was able to isolate on a problem of sending photos between friends and contacts, and created a fresh and fun new approach to doing it. By asking the right questions and identifying the right problems, you become more focused on what your app’s goal is, making it a useful app that people will want!

Serious or Fun?

An easy point to pin down but still super important. As a talented Toronto App Development team, we are able to create any sort of app you want. If you’re making a game, keep your game focused on its primary objective. If it’s a serious app, what does it do? What problem does it solve? Mixing the two can be a tricky and risky business so try to keep the tone of your app matching its practicality.

Make it Better

There are many apps on the app store’s that are full of bugs, laggy, and poorly designed. There idea may be solid but the Toronto App Developer’s execution may be lacking. Sometimes an idea may be good or unfinished and this is where you may have the opportunity to step in. Just be careful not to steal anything that could land you in trouble as ripping off other Toronto App Developers is both unethical and illegal.


As a Toronto App Developer, our belief has always been that everyone has an app idea. Whether it be a personal app or for their business, there are always ways apps can help solve our problems and make the world a bit easier, and more fun! If you have an app idea you’d like to discuss, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!