3 Important Features To Incorporate Into Your Mobile App

When developing a mobile app for your business, what are the most important features to consider? Our team of Toronto App Developers have created a list of the necessary options we feel are imperative to creating a successful and long-lasting application. Read more

The 5 Benefits Of Using Push Notifications

Using push notifications is a very popular way to increase engagement and get your message out to your users effectively. What exactly are push notifications? Our Toronto App Developers have created some key points to help you understand and use this useful tool to your advantage.

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The Benefits Of Using Gamification In Your App

In today’s world, users of all ages enjoy playing games. Once only thought of as a teenagers getaway, gamification is now a wide-spread tool that almost all businesses can leverage to obtain high user retention and engagement. Our Toronto App Development team has put together a few ideas to target your gamification prospects. Read more

The Current Challenges of the AR App Development Market

With all of this talk of AR (Augmented Reality) based games, applications, and utilities, it certainly is a great time to begin exploring the possibilities that AR applications can provide. So although the sky is the limit with mobile applications, what exactly are the limitations and challenges that AR provides to developers, and app owners who may want to develop a unique AR experience? Check out the full list of challenges from our Toronto App Developers.

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Using Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Applications

For years now the idea of artificial intelligence has been a foreign and challenging concept to mankind. Every movie you see, story you hear, or book you read depicts the inevitable downfall of humanity at the hands of an artificial intelligence. So with all of this negative stigma around it, why do we continue to pursue it? Can basic artificial intelligence be a good thing for an application? Check out the full discussion on this as told by our Toronto App Development team.

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SME App Development Considerations

Who says big companies should have all the fun with software? Did you know a huge driving force behind innovation are also the small to medium enterprises (SME)? Smaller businesses can change their operations a bit easier than large corporations and this is why in the experience of our Toronto App Development team, SME’s are typically more willing and interested in making the change to custom mobile software. Here are a few SME Development considerations to take into account with your mobile applications.

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Mobile Wallets: The Future Of Mobile Purchases

Canadians are steadily increasing their mobile purchases these days. Our Toronto App Development team has come up with a few key points about this mobile payment revolution to keep in mind when thinking about introducing this option to your app. Read on to get a better understanding and see if this is what is best for your business. Read more

The Importance Of A Digital Strategy

Having an app for your business is becoming a critical part of staying in line with the digital trends. It’s no longer considered only for the younger generations, and is imperative to keep your business on the forefront of all of your consumers minds. Our Toronto App Development team has come up with a few suggestions for you to consider when taking the steps towards keeping relevant in your market. Read more

The “Growth” of the Marijuana/Weed/Cannabis Mobile Application Industry

Legalization is coming! We have been flooded with requests regarding mobile application development for every legal vendor in the area! This gave us the idea to address just how quickly we and others have seen the cannabis technology industry grow. The short answer is very quickly, here’s a bit more information on the growth of the marijuana tech industry and how you can get involved as told by our Toronto App Development team.

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App Development Myths: Common Misconceptions About Developing Your Application

Is something stopping you from developing a mobile application? Maybe its cost? Time? Maybe you’re just a bit intimidated because you don’t know much about technology? That’s Ok! As a leading Toronto App Developer, its our job to keep you informed, and address any questions/concerns you may have. So what questions/misconceptions typically stop people from taking the leap and starting their mobile app? Check out the full article based on the experience of our Toronto Mobile Application Development team.

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