Woman checking her phone while shopping and using a mobile wallet app to pay for her purchase

How To Get Competitive Advantage With a Mobile Wallet Strategy

The business-consumer relationship is quickly becoming digital in every single interaction, including payments. New payment forms are emerging and one of the most growing methods of payments is occurring through the regular use of mobile wallet apps. Offering the ability to transact a payment using the phone is becoming a mainstream reality as the use of a mobile wallet app is the most convenient way for a user to make in-store payments. If you aren’t accepting payments via mobile wallet, you must consider that adhering to it means you will be meeting the ever-changing needs of your clients. Read more

Mobile Wallets: The Future Of Mobile Purchases

Canadians are steadily increasing their mobile purchases these days. Our Toronto App Development team has come up with a few key points about this mobile payment revolution to keep in mind when thinking about introducing this option to your app. Read on to get a better understanding and see if this is what is best for your business. Read more