How Mobile Applications Improve HSE Management

The best way to enable employees and contractors to quickly access safety procedures, document details, create custom reports and review hazard information is already on the palm of their hands. Mobile custom apps built for the Health Safety and Environment industry can meet numerous requirements and become a tool that not only mitigates risks but also helps planning future actions through documentation and history tracking. Generate reports, make decisions, improve initiatives, get your specific needs fulfilled, and manage risks through a custom mobile app.  Read more

App Success 101: How To Successfully Develop A Mobile App Part 2

Have a great idea for an app? That’s a great place to start! But there is a lot more to software development than just having a good idea. There’s a few steps of careful planning required to help mitigate risk and ease the process of development for your business. Check out Part 2 on how you can successfully develop a mobile app as told by our Toronto App Development team.

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App Development Myths: Common Misconceptions About Developing Your Application

Is something stopping you from developing a mobile application? Maybe its cost? Time? Maybe you’re just a bit intimidated because you don’t know much about technology? That’s Ok! As a leading Toronto App Developer, its our job to keep you informed, and address any questions/concerns you may have. So what questions/misconceptions typically stop people from taking the leap and starting their mobile app? Check out the full article based on the experience of our Toronto Mobile Application Development team.

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Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes We All Make

Your app is done and you’re ready to release it to the world. So how do you get people to start downloading it? Good app marketing can make or break your mobile app so it’s important not to let it fall apart especially at the launch of your app. Here are a few common marketing mistakes we all make:

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