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Short Attention Span and Engagement

It is a well known fact that humans have a decreasing attention span. While our attention span used to be rather long, in recent years we have seen a significant decrease. With that said, there are two things that the decrease can be attributed to: technology and extraversion.

Technology has drastically shifted the attention span of individuals. This is due to the fact that technology has grown to be all encompassing. Social media enables instant gratification, while games operate at speeds that havent been seen before. Technology has allowed for quick shifts in attention span, and demands users to shift their attention pending on what application is being used.

Extraversion is another attribute that has led to the decrease in attention span. Extroverted people need constant stimulation. When you see extroverted people in an office, they are often listening to music, a podcast, or just multitasking. This is due to the fact that the more stimulus they receive, the more efficient and productive they become. An introverted person is far more comfortable sitting in a quiet office working through tasks.

As tech and extroversion increases in society, it must be asked how app development needs to shift. Let’s learn some more!

Social Engagement

Social engagement is an incredible way to increase one’s attention span. When you are engaged with another individual, you have the ability to ignore the surroundings and ‘live in the moment.’ Additionally, extroverted people are invigorated when they partake in social interactions.

In a world where social interactions are important, you need to look at your application in greater detail. By including things like chats, competitions, and comments, your users can have a larger attention span, and will use your app more frequently and regularly.


As stated earlier, an introverted individual needs more stimuli than other users. As the world becomes more extroverted, you are required to consider this. By enabling push notifications and an efficient notification system, you can set the foundations for a long term engagement.

When planning an application, you need to understand the best combination of features. Are your users extroverted or introverted? What is their current attention span. By having interactive features, you can increase overall attention.
In an extroverted, technologically advanced world, your app needs to utilize the right features and engagement. If you have long advertisements, instruction guides, or a lagging application, you won’t be able to foster engagement and attention.

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