Business App Plans

For those who have a business but don’t have an app

  1. Having an app for your business has never been easier.  We offer a one-time development fee for your app, averaging $4500.

“I have a business and want to know MORE!”

If you have a business and would like to contact us for specific pricing for your mobile application please call us or use our contact form.  With your custom app you may de-activate your app at any time – there are no penalties and we don’t lock you into a contract.

Mobile apps benefit all types of businesses

We work hard to support and keep your business every month, and believe that the VOG Apps platform will meet or exceed your expectations. Many optional features are available to provide your business app the look and functionality your business needs.  Prior to setting up your app one of our VOG Apps team will sit down with you and review other features that may benefit your app and business.

A mobile app for your business is no game, it’s the most effective way to communicate and send offers to your customers

If you own a business and don’t have an app yet then let’s talk.  We offer free advise and never have a problem answering any questions.

We work to support and keep your business every month.

Contact us now to start your business app

Custom App Development

For those who want to bring their app idea to life

Do you have a great custom app idea but don’t know what to do next?  Have you talked to other “app guys” and developers but are not sure if they are able to do the job?  Vog Apps has been building apps since 2012 and our experience, project organization and development processes are the best in the business.  Why risk your money and time on those who can’t deliver?

Our TEAM is the best!

Our team will handle everything for you while you watch your app come to life through our development process. We provide you with total transparency with access to all our development files, hour logs, and developer notes so you can see exactly what we do every step of the way.

No other developer is as transparent as US!

As a custom app client you have access to our entire team at anytime.  From our sales team, graphics team, developers and project managers, we work together to provide you the best app development experience.

Our team is local.  Other app companies may just contract your work to a company overseas while charging you Thousands of extra dollars

Custom app development varies in price from project to project.  Prices can vary from $9000 to $100,000. Most of our clients apps that cost between $15,000 to $45,000.  We provide all clients with an estimate cost breakdown prior to starting development.  Even better is we only bill you for the work we do.  All projects are billed on a per project basis so you never have to wonder where your money is going.

If you have an app idea or concept ready for development give us a call.  We will sit down with you for no cost at all and review your app together.

Experience, transparency and honesty is why we are the best

Contact us now to start your Custom App Development

WATCH OUT for Phony Developers Pretending to be Real App Developers

Remember how we mentioned Vog Apps offers full transparency to all our clients?  Well not to scare you but there are businesses who pretend to be app developers when they really are not.  Aside from not showing you anything they do, some businesses are straight up frauds who don’t know much about app development at all.

Here is the problem

There are app development companies who claim to have access to a large network of developers but don’t explain what exactly this means.  To most clients, a large network of developers sounds like a team that the business employs.  The truth is this only means that these so called “developers” have multiple different companies to sub-contract your project to an overseas company.  Basically these companies act like a project manager or middle man between you and the real developers.

Ask the important questions

Vog Apps has clients you can talk to.  We can provide references if required but more importantly we can prove and show the apps we have built.  Other companies will tell you they have clients and build “internal” apps for companies.  Apps they can’t show you.  If you hear an app developer tell you something like this, avoid them at all costs.  As friendly as some of these so-called development companies are…you could be putting your money and project at great risk.
If you have questions about app development call us.  If you would like a detailed breakdown development estimated let us know because Vog Toronto App Developer is a real mobile app developer ready to work for you.


Are there additional costs?

App development costs are provided to all clients before development starts.  However, additional costs such as a hosting account ($$50-$90/month), Apple Developer ($99/year) account and Google Play developer account ($25/year) are costs that the client is responsible for.  We can provide help in setting up these accounts if requested.

Support Included?

No matter what type of app you build with Vog Apps (Custom or Business) we have your back.  We believe that fully supporting our clients helps build a long lasting relationship.  No matter what happens along the way you have the support of our entire team.  That’s our commitment to you.

Can I change my Business App plan or cancel at any time?

Your business’s needs will change and we get that.  With our Business App plans you can change, modify or cancel at anytime.  No penalty or contracts.