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Meet The Team: Jason Lewis

Here at Vog, the team has become a family. Every individual on the team brings a certain skill set that can help Vog grow and provide. Jason Lewis is a major asset to the team and we were thrilled to chat with him.

We had the privilege to talk to Jason Lewis and cannot wait to introduce him to you all.

Tell Us About Yourself?

Hi, I’m Jason, and I am a full stack developer. I have worked in many industries including GPS, Micro-payments, and Contract Software Development. When speaking to the specific projects I have had the pleasure of being a part of, I have build sophisticated admin panels, backend API’s, and mobile apps using hybrid technologies.

While I love technology and the opportunities it brings to the world, I am really interested in web technologies and dev-ops. With that said, I also have outside hobbies including wildlife photography and gaming.

What Role Do You Have Here? 

When I first began working at Vog, I was hired as a backend developer. I had the privilege to work on a large variety of projects for a little over a year. Then I moved to the role of Lead Instructor for Launchpad By Vog, and have been there for around a year.

Is This When You Thought You Would End Up?

Absolutely not! When I was working as a backend developer, I thought that was the career I would continue to pursue. In fact, I had no concept that I would ever work in education. However, The opportunity to help Launchpad get off the ground presented itself, and it seemed like a great next step in my career.

While I didn’t think this is where I would end up, I am happy with where I am now.

What Does a Day In Your Role Look Like?

My day to day work revolves around the students. Launchpad is a program that supports many incredible individuals and it is a privilege to get to teach the next generation of developers.

Typically, I plan out class content to ensure that the needs of the job market are integrated into the material. I also get to help the other instructors so together we can ensure that our students are getting the best education possible.

At the end of the day, the students are the most rewarding part of the job. Their success is our success, and it is exciting to see what they accomplish. Every day I help them with their needs in hopes that they can enter the job market successfully.

What Excited You About Being a Part of Launchpad?

The opportunity to share my experience was very important, especially if it  had the ability to help new software developers learn the skills needed to really shine in today’s development industry. Additionally, the ability and opportunity to help start a great new venture like Launchpad was appealing to me when deciding to be a part of Launchpad.

What Made You Join The Team?

I have had the opportunity to grow by joining the team. When joining Vog, the people and corporate culture was very enticing. It is a very friendly and dynamic team which felt to be the right environment for me to strive in.

With that said, Launchpad by Vog has a similar culture. When I was asked to be a part of Launchpad by Vog, I was excited to be a part of the growth and development of an exciting new venture.

Vog and Launchpad are closely knit teams. If you want to learn more about Launchpad or Vog, check their respective pages. We are always willing to chat, so reach out!