Meet the BlogWriter: Sonja Mellema

Hi, My name is Sonja Mellema, and I am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator here at Vog App Developers. I started with Vog in January, and have been here since.

I thought I would share a little about myself. I am a 4th year student at the University of Calgary. I am studying to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Economics. Additionally, I am applying to get my certificate in entrepreneurial thinking. It is interesting to see I am now in sales and marketing and project coordination. 

The pandemic posed an interesting situation for me. While it has been different doing everything online, it gave me time to do more, and that included an internship at Vog. I found this opportunity on the university job board, and knew that I had to apply. When I started working at Vog in January, I was hired through the Mitacs program. This program helps get students like myself into the workplace while supporting small and mid sized businesses. It was a 4 month grant, and was an amazing opportunity.

With that said, I wasn’t done working with Vog. I knew shortly after starting, that 4 months would not be long enough. In March, I sat down with Vince O’Gorman, the CEO, to see if there were any opportunities within the company for myself. I was super thrilled when Vince offered me a position into the summer.

There are several reasons why I wanted to stay with Vog. We all know that tech is the future. I believe there are great teachings within the company. Additionally, this role lets me wear many different hats. I have been doing a lot of blog work, grants, and even got to help with some project coordination. Through this role, I have become more versed in the app development process, and have a greater appreciation for tech.

The last 8 months at Vog have been extraordinary. While I am off to school to complete my Finance and Economics, Vog gave me the opportunity to work in many other facets of business through my position with Vog. 

Vog is a proudly Canadian company that focuses on collaboration and transparency. Check out the job boards regularly or reach out!