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Meet A Designer: Sarah Alonso

Today, we are meeting Sarah Alonso. Vog has a very diverse team with a wide range of skill sets. When you get an app developed, you have a large team helping out. Here at Vog, all our projects have the following team members:

  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Back End Developer

Each individual’s skills compliment those of their teammates, leading to a better application overall.

We thought we would introduce one of our designers here at Vog. Sarah Alonso has been with us since October and has done a significant amount of work for Vog.

What does the day as a designer look like?

My day as a designer really depends on the project and the problems we are being asked to solve for the company or our clients. 

Different problems require a different approach to determine a solution. A problem may require research within an industry I had known nothing about. It is challenging but super interesting to have the opportunity to conduct research on topics such as FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Job Boards, and various not-for-profit sectors. Alternatively, a project may require no research but a great deal of custom graphics, branding and visual identity.

So, as a UX/UI Designer we investigate solutions already out there on the market that our developers are capable of implementing. We can then employ these solutions stylizing elements to maintain a consistent, cohesive and enjoyable experience throughout the applications we develop.

What do you like about working for Vog?

The thing that I really like about working for Vog is that I get to do what I am most passionate about: Design! Additionally, the people that I get to work with are incredibly talented and equally passionate. The team from top to bottom are amazing people. It really makes a difference to how we perceive our work when the people we work with are so great.

If you want to learn more about Sarah Alonso,check out our social media

Here at Vog, we do more than build apps. If you have an idea for a business, reach out to us for your software, design, or application needs.