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Is a Development Agency for You?

When looking long term, digital transformation forces businesses to ask if a development agency is for them. With digital transformation, companies strive to provide a better customer experience and improve processes with mobile apps and software programs. Whether you’d like to realize your startup dream or to improve your existing business process, you have made the decision to develop an app, but who is going to build it? 

You have 3 options: develop the app in-house, hire a freelancer, or find a development agency.

In this article, we will explore these 3 options and more specifically, reasons why you might choose a development agency over in-house development or a freelancer.

In-house vs Oursource

With in-house development, you have full control over your development project. Your internal team will also have a deeper understanding of the company and be able to communicate more effectively with internal stakeholders. However, developing in-house can be extremely costly as this requires you to hire and train a team of developers. This will include finding senior level experts that are versed in sourcing and hiring tech talent and building high functioning teams.  It can also come with more risk, particularly if your company is not experienced in software development.  

By outsourcing, you avoid the hassle of hiring, forming and managing a team, and instead can partner with an agency with extensive experience. This can often be much more cost-effective, as the agency will likely be working on multiple projects. This is a huge benefit as you get all of the expertise and access to significant resources for far less than hiring internally, but it can mean that you aren’t the agency’s only priority. The biggest challenge of outsourcing is often communication and understanding of the business compared to developing in-house. This can be prevented by hiring a Canadian App Developer, which allows you to form a better collaborative relationship. In addition, to ensure that your vision of the app does not get lost, find a team that takes time to understand your business. 

Development Agency vs Freelancer

The biggest and probably the only reason why you’d consider hiring a freelancer is to lower cost. Without a doubt, a freelancer is cheaper than a development agency, but often for a reason. When hiring a freelancer, you are required to take a more active role to manage the process as compared to a development agency, which usually provides project management services. 

When hiring a development agency, you get a group of experienced developers with diverse experience and expertise. By looking at their portfolio, you can find agencies with experience completing projects similar to what you’d like to develop, which is a good indicator that the agency has the talent and capacity to achieve your vision of the app. Additionally, you will be able to receive full-cycle services including support on planning, design, development and post development, and hence, making it a much better option if you are not experienced with app development and like to have the entire process taken care of. 


All things considered, an app development agency is your best bet if you’re looking to develop a quality app with a deadline and budget. By working with an agency, you immediately get yourself a well-established team of developers and a potential future partner for any app updates. 

What’s next? Simply contact Vog, a top Canadian App Developer for more details.