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How We Build Businesses

Vog is known to build more than an app, but to build a business. We want you to have long term success, and that starts by helping you build the foundations for growth and sustainability. This is what will ensure we help build businesses. From the moment we start a project, we ensure that you are looking at the future. We don’t want to build something that is just ‘good enough!’

If you want to see some of the projects that we have worked on, keep reading!


Vitality is an application that provides easy access to senior care with an app that we had the privilege to develop. Vitality had the mission to be home care service providers in the 21st century, and tasked us with their development.

At the end of the day, we all wish that seniors can have an excellent quality of life regardless of their medical situations. One of the largest challenges is to connect seniors and caregivers. Additionally, Vitality wanted to create a platform that would enable transparency. They wanted seniors to be able to see all aspects of their care in one place.

It was integral that when we developed the application, that it be intuitive and user friendly. This was necessary as the target market needed to be able to use the application with ease. We developed special features that allowed everyone to be kept in the loop at all times. In addition, we developed a system that would allow clients to easily add to their services. They could easily request services without having to call in.

Vitality lets you care for your loved ones even when you cannot be there. The application allos services and costs to all be located in one area, ensuring that transparency in senior care becomes a standard.

Arc Resources

When Arc Resources approached us, we were ecstatic. They are an industry leader in the Canadian conventional oil and gas market that value going beyond what is required. Their focus on employee safety differentiates them and often encourages the industry to ‘do more.’

Arc Resources wanted to develop a software that would streamline accessibility to documentation. This was to cater to the accessibility to the company’s safety awareness. It was integral that there was both a mobile application and a web based portal. Arc resources wanted to ensure that the system was accessible on all devices.

When we were designing the system, we had to ensure that it was designed to integrate and automate their existing HSE systems. By doing this, increased accessibility would lead to larger efficiencies, both within and external to the company. This system was to ensure that communication would increase, thus forcing the company to increase its operational standards. ARC resources wanted an application that has seamless follow up and document control.

With the software we developed for ARC Resources, employees have access to all documents wherever they are. 

We love helping businesses in their digital expansion. If you have a business idea, reach out to us for a consultation.

Vog is a proudly Canadian company that wants to help you! We have served all of Canada, including Toronto. Let’s work together to turn your ideas into reality.