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App Security Practices

As the world grows more digital, the desire for strong app security practices increases. Security has shifted from being a feature to being a bare necessity. A single security breach can cost a company millions of dollars, but can destroy a brand all together. Security should be a priority in all development, and be considered throughout the process.

Curious how your developers ensure security? Here are 5 ways that developers use app security in their practice.

Write a Secure Code

A breach in security often occurs when bugs and vulnerabilities in the code exist. Most attackers find these vulnerabilities and use it to break into the application. Research shows that breaches affect 11.6 million mobile devices at any given time.

Developers keep app security in their minds at all times. This is why they make codes that are designed to be updated and hardened over time.

Encrypt All Data

Encryption of data is a way of scrambling plain text that has no meaning, unless you have the key. The reason this is used in keeping apps secure is because even if the code is stolen, it cannot be read or misused

While encryption seems rather simple, it has immense power. This can be seen in situations where the FBI and the NSA had to ask for permission and assistance to decode WhatsApp messages. Clearly, if they can’t break in due to encryption, neither can hackers.

Use Authorized APIs

Unauthorized APIs can lead to a lack in app security. They often unintentionally grant access to hackers. APIs make the developers’ life a little easier, but when unauthorized ones are used, attackers can find loopholes and hijack their privileges.

To ensure maximized security, Vog uses secure and authorized APIs to ensure that your mobile app is secure and successful.

High-Level Authentication

App security has a high dependency on authentication. Over the years, more advanced authentication has been introduced into the technological sector. Apple products now use facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to ensure that the use of their devices is secure and protected.

Developers have the ability to increase security by encouraging certain behaviours in uses. This is inclusive of the use of long passwords, multi-factor authentication or by enforcing a alphanumeric password

Test Repeatedly:

Keeping your app secure requires constant testing. Security is a never ending process that cannot be ignored. As technology grows, security is becoming a larger differentiator in the success of applications than usability and aesthetics.

To keep users happy, your developers need to test the app and look for bugs or weaknesses in the code. Through mobile app updates, they can ensure that the app is secure. The more testing that is done, more updates are utilized. Not only does this ensure the best experience for your users, but it ensures that app security is hardened.

The Bottom Line of App Security:

Users of mobile applications have a large demand for app security. Not only do they want their data safe, they want to know that your application won’t expose them to dangerous situations. The digital world is a growing place, and security has become one of the most demanded features of an application. Developers no longer consider security as a feature, but a necessity.

Vog is a Canadian app development company that wants to bring your ideas to the market. We have developed apps across Canada. Contact us to help you develop a secure a successful app.