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Adopting The Mobile Wallet

The world has been shifted from cash to card. This change was accepted by most of the population, yet today, we see another shift. We are now shifting from cards, to the use of a mobile wallet. Canadians mobile purchases have been steadily increasing, and soon we can expect to see mobile wallets being the primary way to pay.

A survey was conducted on smartphone users in Canada. This survey was done 5 years ago, and 30% of smartphone users were using their mobile wallet to pay. In 2021, this number has exponentially increased. ¾’s of the population is willing to pay on their phones, so how do you develop apps that allow for this user preference?


Mobile app wallet purchases have many benefits.

  • Relevant Currency: The mobile wallet ensures that the relevant currency is always being used. The current exchange rates are always known, and there are reduced conversion costs. The mobile wallet makes travel easier.
  • Payment Options: Many people have multiple cards, including debit, credit and gift cards. By having them all in a mobile wallet, you’re able to switch between cards 
  • Convenience: With the mobile wallet, everything is in one place. This makes shopping more efficient.
  • Security: When everything is on your phone in the mobile wallet, you can avoid credit card fraud and keep your transaction information private. Mobile devices have increased security with biometric authentication, encryption, and password protection.
  • Loyalty: Companies have been introducing loyalty programs for customer retention. This can often clutter a physical wallet. Having a mobile wallet lets you have your loyalty programs without the clutter.


Your mobile wallet is far safer than that of a physical wallet. Mobile wallets are safe, secure, and can be trusted. Additionally, the world is widely accepting mobile wallets, and it is predicted that eventually, all will use a mobile wallet. This is because the information is protected.

Regardless how safe a mobile wallet is, it is important to always carry cash or a physical card. Some vendors don’t accept mobile payments. There is hope that eventually all vendors will accept them, but it is a financial barrier for some. Having a card or cash will ensure you’re never left in a pickle.

Going Forward with a Mobile Wallet

Most people in the younger generations have never been to an ATM. That is the past. Now you can pay from your phone or watch.

Mobile purchases are increasing in popularity, and are expected to for the foreseeable future. If you want to know more, or see what app options there are for your business, Contact us! We are Canadian company that is always ready to help.