5 Strategies To Increase User Engagement

Keeping your users active on your mobile app is of the utmost importance. Furthermore, increasing your customer base is a very important aspect of business growth. Our Toronto App Development team has come up with a few ideas to help keep your users interested, engaged and coming back for more.

With all of the mobile apps available out there, you must use actionable items and strategies in your mobile app to ensure its success. Here are some fail-proof ways to make sure this happens for your business app:

1. Let Users Sign In Using Social Media Accounts

Taking the work out of signing in to an app and typing in personal information, allows your users to save time, stay connected and repeatedly return to your app effortlessly.

2. Also Let Users Skip Permissions

To allow for full functionality or allow location settings, users have to agree to let your app use these settings. You can give them control over this by allowing them to bypass these allowances if they would like to. Some studies show that, “60% of app users decide against downloading apps after realizing the amount of personal information they would have to share and 43% of smartphone owners uninstall apps because of permissions requiring them to share personal details.” (Source: https://www.braze.com/blog/mobile-customer-99-stats/)

3. Support Users With A Live Help Feature

Using live chat functions will enable your customers to access help instantly, rather than leaving your app to find help topics elsewhere. Keeping your users in your mobile app is the key to user engagement and retention.

4. Make Your App Stand Out

Make sure you use your brand to its fullest potential and find something unique to peak the interest of your consumers. Simplify your processes and screens throughout your app and tailor the user experience to your individual users. Creating an eye-catching, useful, and innovative mobile app is a sure-fire way to keep your customers returning.

5. Send Emails & Push Notifications To Your Users

There are many different ways you can leverage push notifications and emails to engage your customers. Sending welcome emails, offering specials or coupons for your products, updates about new features or products, or even sending a notification after a certain amount of time has passed that your users have not logged into your app, can all be beneficial in driving your user rates upwards.


No matter what avenue you choose when designing your app, make sure to pay close attention to the ways you can raise retention and create user engagement. Making sure that you keep your users interested and coming back to your app, is a great way to drive your business growth upwards.  Contact us today and see how your Toronto App developers can help you make your business app dreams a reality.


Reference: https://blog.ladder.io/app-engagement